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Removal Proceedings and Deportation

Removal proceedings are the process of removing a person from the United States and returning them to their country of origin. A person cannot be removed from the United States if they are legal residents. However, if they are in the United Stares on a permanent resident visa and were convicted of a felony, deportation is possible. If this is the case, they will need a New Jersey Removal Proceedings  Lawyer.

All things considered, removal proceedings are concerning for anyone who faces them. While reasons can vary, there are more common ones such as:

  • Overstaying a visa

  • Residency ineligibility

  • Criminal convictions

  • Repeat immigration violations

Learn More About Your Situation by Requesting a Case Evaluation

The Removal Proceedings are generally conducted by an immigration judge in an immigration court. These proceedings take place after a person who has committed a felony is not a legal resident of the United States. Next, the ensuing paperwork from the felony usually raises red flags, thus starting the process. Thus, in the case of a conviction, they can face Removal Proceedings.

How a Piscataway Removal Proceedings Lawyer at Bond & Posluszny Can Assist You

However, the Bond & Posluszny team is here to help. Should you find yourself facing a Removal Proceeding, contact the team to get yourself the best Piscataway Deportation Lawyer possible. The Bond & Posluszny team assures the process goes a long way to keeping you moving in the right direction. This also allows us to keep the process as smooth as it can be.

We understand that you would like to remain in the United States, and we would like to help you achieve that goal. Through our preparation, understanding of the law, and experience in these proceedings, we offer a team of JerseyDeportation Lawyers and a successful model to keep you where you want to be.

To learn more about removal proceedings, please contact a Piscataway deportation defense attorney from Bond & Posluszny to receive legal aid today.

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