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New Jersey - Piscataway Deportation Defense Lawyer

There are many wonderful opportunities in the United States and numerous reasons to want to stay. If you, an employee, or a family member are facing the threat of deportation, a New Jersey - Piscataway  Deportation Defense Lawyer at Bond & Posluszny is available to provide the immediate assistance you need.

Facing Deportation?
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Non-immigrant visas allow foreign citizens to visit the United States for a temporary period of time and for various reasons, including school, investment opportunities, and tourism. These visas are temporary and have an expiration date. At the time of expiration, the visa holder must exit the United Stated or face legal consequences. Overstaying a visa is one of the most common reasons why non-citizens face deportation.

There are many ways to face deportation, including:

  • Violation of Immigration Law

  • Criminal Conviction

  • Overstaying a Visa

  • Status Violation

  • Prohibited Employment Activity

  • Illegal Entry / Re-entry

Deportation is not an overnight process, and those facing deportation do have a right to defend themselves. Before any non-citizen is removed from the country, the government must prove that there is a valid reason for deportation. An experienced immigration attorney can argue on behalf of individuals facing deportation and create the best possible defense strategy. Our legal team is prepared to fight aggressively on behalf of clients facing deportation

Discuss You Case with Experienced New Jersey -Piscataway  Deportation Defense Lawyer

Bond & Posluszny is a firm comprised of former prosecutors who are passionate about helping clients through immigration challenges, including deportation or removal proceedings. If you or someone you know is facing deportation, allow our attorneys to review your case and explain how we can help. We serve clients throughout New Jersey and offer  in-office consultations.

To discuss your case, call 732-968-0080 today.

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